See if you can identify the grammar or spelling ‘errors’ below. Some should be obvious, others less so. This is one of the warm-up exercises from my writing course. It helps people make their writing ‘correct’, before we get onto making it clear, concise and colourful. I say ‘errors’ and ‘correct’ in quote marks because I don’t believe there are absolute rights and wrongs in English, just conventions, most of which are relatively recent. After all, Shakespeare spelt his name several different ways. But as so many people do see the conventions as rules, it’s good for your reputation to know what they are and follow them as much as possible.    

The evening is a chance to chat with like-minded people and local business’s with no hard sell.

We are the south wests premier tree-felling company.

Hi, I hope your well.

Our Beaujolais provides a great compliment to the vegetarian chilli.

Their are over 50,000 employees in our firm.  There jobs cover a wide range from developers to marketing experts.

He runs a business which provides apps for mobile phones and tablets.

Our aim is fault-free software and last year we had far less bugs.

Graduate trainees work in a range of different jobs, giving them a chance to practice their skills.

I am honoured to receive this award and I want to thank those who have most inspired me: my parents, Nelson Mandela and Lady Gaga.

I feel great because I got my hair cut and died today.

So how did you do? Find out here.