I offer one-day courses in business writing and tailored packages of coaching and mentoring for speechwriters.

My one-day training course provides delegates with the basic skills of news writing. It is directly aimed at people who are learning how to write press releases, articles or social media posts. However, because the disciplines involved are central to many kinds of writing, it is also helpful for people who have to write other types of business communications such as board reports, management briefings or emails to staff.


I also offer a one-to-one speechwriting coaching programme. This programme is designed to help organizations develop their own in-house capability rather than outsourcing speeches to agencies or external writers. It is aimed at individuals who have become their organization’s go-to person for speeches, but have had no formal training in the field. The programme can be tailored to the needs of the individual but typically I provide one or two days of face to face intensive training followed by ongoing collaboration over the following months, during which time I can provide advice and ideas, edit drafts and help the writer build expertise as quickly as possible.

Spot the grammar fail

People get embarrassed by making mistakes in grammar and spelling. That’s why I always cover some of the classic fails in my writing courses.

These include classic blunders that still get made every day and less obvious issues that many have never heard of.

See if you can spot the ‘terrible ten’ in this exercise. Scroll to the bottom of the page to go to the corrected version.