Dear all,

We are a family from Ukraine. I’m Alexandra, my husband is Andrey, and we’ve got 2 lovely girls (Maria, 9 y.o., and Julia 7 y.o.).

We are looking for a sponsor from the UK, who can support us and provide with an opportunity to receive a temporary residence due to war in Ukraine.

My husband and I work in educational sphere – we consult Ukrainian students on different educational programs in different countries. And of course the UK is one of the study destinations for our students. Staying in the UK we can support Ukrainian students even more now.

A few words about our children: our eldest daughter Maria is a 3rd Year school student. She was a winner of chess championship 3 years ago, likes different kinds of sport (cycling, rollerblading, climbing, dancing). Our youngest daughter Julia is a 1st Year school student. She likes drawing and dancing, cycling as well. They both now complete their Ukrainian school year online. And would love to continue their education in a British school.

I love playing piano (started to take lessons 2 years ago), planting flowers in the garden and taking care of them. Andrey likes cycling and skiing, and dogs.

Maybe it’s also important to say that we both speak English fluently.

Our biggest dream is to come back home one day. But for the moment the situation in Ukraine is very unstable and dangerous. And we realize already that it can last longer that we may expect. Therefore we are looking for opportunity to provide our children with peaceful and safe place to live and stay until better times in our home country.