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David Vigar Writing and Communications

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Hello, I’m David Vigar. I am a writer, coach and consultant with three decades of experience at the highest levels in the media, business and politics. I help organizations make headlines and help their leaders make world-class speeches. I coach speechwriters and run courses to help people improve their writing.

“A first-class journalist and an imaginative editor.”
John Humphrys, BBC presenter

“You captured my voice so very well.”
Bob Dudley, BP CEO

“David has an extraordinary ability at writing in prose that can be understood
by the ordinary person. He is also utterly reliable.”
Lord Paddy Ashdown, former Liberal Democrat leader

“David played a leading role in turning a low profile organisation into a high profile one.”
Lord Radice, former European Movement Chairman

Latest: A recipe for the perfect speech

Great speeches sound effortless. That means they take a lot of effort. Like a great sporting or musical performance, an excellent speech is based on a blend of talent, experience, knowledge, creative ideas and teamwork. Or you could see it as a tasty dish, skilfully cooked by a master-chef.

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